5 Best One-Piece Swimwear That Give You a Slimmer Look

Most women who have a few bulges from extra pounds want one-piece swimwear that will reduce the appearance of these bulges. When it comes to swimwear, we tend to be self-conscious about the way our bodies will look in the bathing suit. We tend to buy a swimsuit that will disguise our few extra pounds. But what is the best one-piece swimwear to buy this year? Jets Swimwear One Pieces

Best Overall Slimming Swimsuit

The Oceanus Suit is timeless classic one-piece swimwear. The swimsuit is available in solids, hues, and prints. It is said to stand up to some of the most stringent tests of the summer. This one-piece swimwear will stand up to chlorine and will not damage by sitting on the cement near the pool. Those who wear it will be amazed by the tummy control it offers. Jets Swimwear

Best Value Slimming Swimsuit

The V-neck Monokini swimsuit is the best flattering one-piece swimwear on the market. Users who tested this swimsuit were impressed by the way it offered tummy control. For those of us who need a bathing suit that has tummy control, this one takes the cake. It is available at a fraction of the cost as other one-piece swimwear that is on the list. The bathing suit has mesh along the backside of it. The mesh works to control rollover that other not so flattering bathing suits offer. It is one of the most efficient bathing suits for disguising all our rolls.

Most Versatile Swimming Suit

The Swim Transformation Tube is available in black. It has a customizable band of fabric. Many like to hide their hips, control their tummy, or even wear it over their breasts to create a tankini look. The one-piece swimwear is versatile and is a favorite among those who tested it. You will find that it does not cost much compared to what other bathing suits cost. It is made of spandex material and comes in at exactly $50. Many are flocking online to purchase this versatile one-piece swimwear.

Most Popular Slimming Swimsuit

The SideStroke is a one-shoulder one-piece swimwear that has color blocks on it. It is a little much compared to some of the other one-piece swimwear suits on the list. Many who have purchased it say it is worth every penny. You can buy this one-piece swimwear in block patterns of neons, neutrals, and many other colors. The color blocks are diagonal and add an impressive slimming look to the person who wears it. It is only online.

Best Tummy Slimming Suit

The Sanibel One-Piece Swimwear is a Miracle suit. Not only does this swimsuit trim inches off your most problem area–the tummy, but it also provides many other exciting features. These features include adjustable straps, underwire to lift the breast, and draping under the breast area of the suit. The draping provides a curvy look for the wearer. The adjustable straps allow the person to receive the best fit possible for her. The underwire will give your breasts a push-up.

If you are looking for one-piece swimwear with tummy control, try any of these.

One Piece Swimwear For A Party

Having a party is a great way to enjoy life. People want to spend time with others. When giving a party, any woman should keep in mind the ideal kind of suit. She wants something that enables her to relax, interact with her guests and have a lot of fun at the same time. She also wants a suit that lets her head in the pool if that’s what she wants. Anyone who is thinking about giving a party might wish to consider the one piece swimwear. The one piece swimwear is the ideal thing to wear for any kind of summer party. www.jets.com.au/shop/swimwear/one+piece

Works With Accessories

The one piece swimwear works well with any kind of accessories. For example, if a woman wants to wear a nice piece of jewelry she can easily pair it with her one piece swimwear. Many kinds of one piece swimwear have lots of wonderful details that make the an elegant choice for a party. A woman might have a one piece swimwear that has metal claps that help bring out the color of her eyes or the elegance of her latest hairdo. She can turn to the one piece swimwear to work a pair of earrings or her favorite bracelet. The suit is a good choice that can go as formal as likes for the party. It can also work with her plans for an event that is a bit more laid back and about casual enjoyment of the season. Jets

Paired With a Cover Up

Many women also love making use of the one piece swimwear at a party because she can put on a cover up. A skirt goes on top of the one piece swimwear without a problem. It makes the entire outfit look like she’s wearing a dress with a nice top. This is a good idea for a party that begins with her greeting her guests and then perhaps deciding to join them in the hot tub as it gets darker. She can also use the one piece swimwear with a robe that she can put on as she makes a beeline for the pool and then take off once she’s back at home. It is a very versatile kind of piece to add to her personal wardrobe.

Walking Around

As the host of the party, she’s often called on to spend a lot of time walking around. She might choose to serve her guests food. She might also choose to supervise people as they serve others. A host also needs to get other things done as well during the party. She needs to watch any kids that have been invited as well as make sure those with special needs such as mobility issues are taken care of well during the course of the party. She can turn to this kind of swimsuit and find one that will let her get it all done. This makes it a good choice for any kind of summer event she has in mind.

One Piece Swimwear For The Beach

Few things are more fun that a visit to the beach. Everyone loves spending time in the water and having a great time with family and friends. Time along the sands make life lots of fun. Any woman who is planning a trip to the beach should keep in mind that the right kind of swimwear is vitally important. A good one piece swimwear makes it even easier to have fun. All women who are looking at one piece swimwear for the beach should think about how to ensure that they can have a one piece swimwear that fits and works for their figure. www.jets.com.au/shop/swimwear/one+piece

Keeping Sand Out

Sand is a nice thing to walk on. It’s soft and yielding. At the same time, it can also be quite hot. Many people do not want to have sand in their suits. A good one piece swimwear can help keep out the grains. It also makes it easy for people to enjoy being in the water. The right one piece swimwear can also help make it easy to get the sand out of that suit. Look at the one piece swimwear and see how easy it is to move it. Shake the suit from every single angle. A good one piece swimwear should also be easy to clean when at the beach. Any wearer should be able to take that one piece swimwear and to head for a shower confident they can wash the sand off when they are doing swimming. Jets Swimwear

Covering Up

One of the great advantage of the one piece swimwear is that it allows the person to cover up as many parts of the body as they want. For example, it can be used to cover up the top of the legs as a woman sits on the beach. The same is true of the a woman’s back. A good one piece swimwear means she has to use less sunscreen. It also means that she can protect her delicate skin when she’s sitting out in under her umbrella. Many woman find this kind of suit a good choice when they are heading to the beach as it allows them to relax and sit back as the waves come in and out in front of them.

Having a Better Time

Having a really good time right on the sands and the boardwalk is so easy with the right kind of carefully chosen personal swimwear. A well planned trip is one that allows every single swimmer to enjoy her trip to the beach. She can do anything she wants when she’s there. This means she can do all her plans. She can have fun in the water. She can also have a nice time when she’s sitting on the beach reading her favorite summer novel. Her trip with the use of the right kind of swimwear can make everything flow with ease. Getting everything together before she leaves is an ideal plan for anyone who is heading off to the beach.

Flattering One Piece Swimwear

A good one piece swimwear is one that is totally flattering in every way. A woman who is looking for one piece swimwear should keep in the kind of details that are going to work best with her figure type as well as what she plans to do with the suit. For example, a good, flattering one piece swimwear is one that can help any woman feel this is right for her for any plans. It helps to think about the cut of the suit as well as how it drapes along the body. The right kind of one piece swimwear is one that feels right whether she’s walking, swimming or just sitting down. Jets Swimwear One Pieces

The Neckline

Like other forms of clothing, the one piece swimwear is one that has a neckline. The neckline is one that should work well for her and lets the entire suit work well. For example, a high neckline in a one piece swimwear is one that can help bring attention to her new haircut and to her lovely eyes. A lower neckline in a one piece swimwear is one that can bring welcome attention to her bust and show it off well. The neckline should be one that feels right when she puts it on. Think about how low it sits on the body as well as where it lies on the body itself. A good fit is one that allows the entire upper body to flow when it is in the water. Jets Swimwear

The Body

The body of the one piece swimwear is also one that can help anyone feel right when they are swimming. Some one piece swimwear suits are suits that have a body that extends down to the legs and beyond it. Others may be cut high in the legs. Any woman should consider how she is going to wear the one piece swimwear. Some women plan to spend a lot of time in the water. They love the idea of being able to swim freely. This allows them to head into the water and do just about anything else they want. Others may only plan to dip their toes in the water and then sit back and grab a margarita. A good bodice is one that allows for all such tasks.

Look At The Big Picture

Think about the suit as a whole when examining it in person. The ideal suit is one that allows the wearer to enjoy any activity they might have in mind as well as taking into consideration the person’s entire features. For example, a suit that in the right colours can add a look that makes any woman look fantastic. The right suit can also help bring in lots of details that make it clear this is someone with an interest in fashion and the ability to pick out a suit that shows that off to perfection. Think about it from close up and from afar. It should be a good look from every single direction.

About the event

When Welsh composer Karl Jenkins  in 1999 to a commission from the ‘Royal Armouries’ to mark the millennium wrote ”The Armed Man” or “L’homme armé” he continued a 600-year tradition.  He gave it the subtitle “A Mass for Peace”, and dedicated it to victims of the Kosovo crisis.

“L’homme armé” was a French secular song from the time of the Renaissance. It was the most popular tune used for musical settings of the Ordinary of the Mass: over 40 separate compositions entitled Missa L’homme armé survive from the period.  Composers like Josquin, and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina set at least one mass on this melody.

The Most Popular work

The piece is one of Jenkins’ most popular works, and is regularly performed by professional and amateur musicians.  By March 2008 it had already seen 537 performances worldwide.  Of the 348 UK performances, the majority were by non-professionals.

Karl Jenkins chose the Renaissance French secular song, “L’homme armé”, “The Armed Man”, as the basis for his “Mass for Peace”. The song, which may have gained in popularity after the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453, was used as the cantus firmus (leading theme) in many Latin masses. The tradition of using the tune lasted into the 16th century and composers as notable as Dufay and Ockeghem employed it. Although Jenkins’  work is the most widely known in the contemporary repertoire, Peter Maxwell Davies wrote his “Missa super l’homme armé” in 1968. The message, which Jenkins expands throughout his mass, is that soldiers—armed men, “bloody men”— are to be feared. The tune returns in a triumphant major at the end in the movement “Better is Peace”.

About the artists

A British composer who has written award-winning music for advertising, created this choral work for the Royal Armouries, a museum of medieval military objects housed in the Tower of London. The idea, writes the museum’s director, was to use the medieval tune L’homme armé (The Armed Man) to create a modern mass, just as composers of half a millennium ago did with some frequency — and thus “to look back and reflect as we leave behind the most war-torn and destructive century in human history.”  L’homme armé is a little scrap of music saying basically that “the armed man must be feared.”  No one really knows why it was so popular in its day, but one theory is that it referred to the mustering of forces that followed in the wake of the fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Islamic forces in 1453

The North Coast Performing Arts Association

The only symphonic orchestra and choir organisation based in the North Coast region performing classical music of the highest standard to large scale public audiences. The PAA consists of many enthusiastic musicians and singers of all ages.

Although the PAA was formed as a choir and orchestra to perform choral and orchestral classical music, throughout the past 10 years, they have welcomed many other art forms in the group, including dance. It is their wish that they are inclusive of the arts, not only singers and musicians, and they are working on including different areas of the arts for future concerts.